We are Helen Sutton and Tim Peters, and this is our blog dedicated to our experience of our Northern Uganda SINGS! project.

This is a Seeds for Development project. Seeds for Development are a fantastic charity that are committed to ‘kicking poverty out of Northern Uganda through education, enterprise and farming’. Seeds for Development work in the most remote and rural areas of northern Uganda, where the civil war between the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army and Ugandan Government Forces left many areas in the north devastated and isolated.

We will be working with 17 communities in total – 12 farming communities and 5 nursery schools. Our project is centered around providing choral workshops over there with an emphasis on health education, in the hopes of later being able to set up a choir festival there. Our emphasis on health education follows on from a campaign run by Seeds for Development to try to combat a rapid increase in deaths from Malaria in the area. We have chosen to centre this project around singing due to the known positive effects singing and music therapy has on war-torn communities, and sufferers of PTSD. Singing was also one of the main mediums of communication in northern Uganda prior to the civil war, and we hope we can help these communities to find their voices again. We will also be providing women’s health education to young girls and farmers.

We’re pleased to be able to share our experience of this wonderful project with you, and we hope you enjoy reading our blog!